Frequently asked questions

Mailocator installation

What do I need to run Mailocator on our site?
Linking to Mailocator is very easy, just paste a small piece of code – snippet – into your site's template. A detailed description of the installation is available on our blog.

I don't see mine in the list of supported services. How do I have to proceed?
Please email us at or call +420 49 494 1919. We usually complete the preparation of a new connector within three working days.

Integration with other services

Why connect Mailocator with other services?
One of the basic features is the connection with email marketing services, where the contact is passed to these tools in real time according to all legal and GPR regulations and thus leads to a correct acquisition process, when an anonymous visitor becomes a customer with high potential for the first purchase. More about integrations with email marketing tools is available on our blog.

Can I use webhook for direct connection?
Webhook is an integral part of Mailocator and detailed information can be found on our blog.


What are campaigns?
A campaign is a scheduled display of a single object - such as a contact collection form.

How many campaigns can I run at one time?
In principle, you can run an unlimited number of campaigns, Mailocator has no limits in this. However, the cornerstone of a successful campaign is targeted address communication in a reasonable number per specific visitor.

Can I restrict campaigns to specific user groups?
Definitely yes, you can limit impressions to unconverted, converted or all users (depending on your needs and campaign type). A special part of display restrictions is JavaScript event-based execution.

Can I edit campaigns at the HTML level?
Editing is also possible at the code level (HTML/CSS). A source code editor with syntax highlighting is available in Mailocator.

Is it possible to insert your own code?
Inserting your own HTML/CSS code, eg a popup window is an integral part and details including mandatory elements can be found in the article on our blog.


What is a scenario?
The Mailocator scenario is a key tool for setting up your campaigns to work properly. Turns campaigns on and off, assigns content and design to individual campaigns, allows you to run A/B tests for conversion campaigns, last but not least allows quick editing of text content and much more, as you can read in the article on our blog.

What parameters can I use to control my campaign impressions?
You can control the display of campaigns based on user behavior, website traffic, day of the week and specific time, URL value, cookies or data layer, country, type of visitor or width of their device and other criteria.

Discount codes

How can I use discount codes?
You can divide the discount codes into sets and use each set for a specific campaign - you can use a different series of codes for Exit-intent and another for Welcome. You can read more in the article on our blog.

What types of codes can I use?
You can use unique codes (each customer will receive their own unique code) and daily codes (all customers will receive the same code with limited validity in one day).

Can I get codes in real time from another source?
Mailocator allows you to get real-time codes from an external API. Read more about this topic in an article on our blog.


What data will I get from Mailocator?
In Mailocator you will get a comprehensive set of analytical data concerning not only traffic, conversion rate but also detailed views of what devices web visitors use and how these devices are successful, for example in terms of acquisition campaigns.

Can I export data to other analytics tools?
Working with data in CSV, XML and JSON formats is a matter of course in Mailocator, as well as their comprehensive export. An advanced feature is real-time data transfer to Google Data Studio tools using the Mailocator API.

Prices and billing

Why are individual visits charged?
In order for Mailocator to work flawlessly and the campaigns to run as planned, we need to analyze the complete traffic - which is the basis for content delivery.

How do I find out the number of unique visits to my site?
Very easy, for example in Google Analytics or another analytics tool. You can also use Mailocator for a test and we will measure the traffic for you.

Similar tools charge pageviews. How do I compare the price?
In normal operation, especially in e-shop platforms, there is an average of 6 pageviews per visit, so 10,000 visits is about 60,000 pageviews.

How do I pay based on the number of visits?
You buy credits, where one credit = one unique visit. You choose the amount of purchased credits at your own discretion.

How do I make a payment?
You can order credit after logging in to your account, we support payments by bank transfer and credit card.

Can I have a monthly fee instead of credits?
Yes, we will be happy to tailor the offer of lump sum payments according to the expected traffic to your site.

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