11. January 2021

Wheel of Fortune

A popular gamification element is the wheel of fortune, in which the user is offered a reward for providing data, or for subscribing to newsletters.

The configuration of the wheel of fortune in Mailocator

In Scenarios, create a new Wheel of Fortune campaign

Select the Wheel of Fortune campaign
In the next step, select the template that suits you
You can change the language into which the text content will be automatically translated

Choose a color scheme

Set the base color
You can adjust the color at any time using Designer if you have a  PRO version or higher
You will adjust the settings of individual wheel colors in the next step

Round selection according to the number of wins

Choose the number of rounds with the desired number of wins
If you want to have the same colors and texts of winnings on both sides, check the option Mirrored side content

Wheel of Fortune settings

Describe the individual winnings
Adjust the colors of each wheel cutout, if necessary
Set the probability of winning for each viewport - the sum of all probabilities must not be less than 100
Attach a set of gift codes to be sent to the winners - you can create and attach sets of codes later or using the button Manage gift codes

Wheels of fotrune winnings text setting

For each win, set the text that will be displayed as soon as the wheel spins
This text will appear on the thank you page instead of the tag WIN_TEXT

Wheel of Fortune configuration

The following parameters can be set for the wheel:

minimum rotation time in seconds
minimum number of rotations / rotations
adding random rotations to the set minimum number
the size of the wheel diameter in pixels
the color of the text in each winning field
the color of the winnings indicator
inner circle background
logo or symbol that will rotate in an inner circle

Preview Wheels of fortune

See a preview
You can add all texts, background colors and images in Designer
Secure editing of texts is possible in the content Editor



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