5. July 2021

Launch a campaign when you hover or touch a specific location on the page

Mark a location that triggers a campaign when the user hovers over it or touches it on a touch device

Mailocator allows you to condition the campaign to start when the user places the cursor on a specific element or elements on the page. This condition is evaluated together with other conditions and can effectively refine the campaign launch and filter out distracting impressions.

No intervention in the page is needed to set it up, simply address the trigger element according to the following instructions.


Example: calling a campaign when the cursor hovers over a banner on a page

Make sure you are using Mailocator Snippet version 4.3.2 or higher.

Go to the scenario and bring up the configuration dialog for the desired campaign.
To set up an element, add an element definition:

How to define element?

Using the element ID: #banner
Using the element class: .banner
Using the combination of the element name and its class: img.banner
By defining multiple elements: img.banner, img.second-banner

If the definition is invalid, it is simply ignored and has no effect on other campaigns.



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