25. March 2021


Set up the display of notifications on your site using Mailocator


What are Notifications?

Notifications are usually small display elements that decently alert your visitors to important information, news, time limits, various business recommendations or even evaluations of your e-shop obtained in real time, for example from Idealo.

Example of notification:

Use notifications to display any message, usually a headline and short text.
The notification can link to any page or contain a button to start an action (campaign).
The notification can contain an image - logo, product.
You can display up to 10 consecutive notifications, you can alternate ratings from the comparison service with messages from the e-shop.
You can fixed the frequency of individual displays and the length of the display or use a random display.
You can see the conversion of notifications - clicks - in the statistics.

Creating notifications in Mailocator

In Scenarios, create a new Notification campaign

Select the Notifications campaign.
In the next step, select the pre-prepared look of the notification that suits you.
You can change the language into which the text content is automatically translated.
Choose a default color scheme that you can adjust at any time later.

Notification content settings

Set the interval for displaying individual notifications if you plan to display more than one in a row; you can use a fixed interval between views or set a random interval.
Specify how long the notification should remain displayed, then hide itself behind the edge of the screen.
If you want to see positive ratings from Idealo, insert a link to the XML feed containing the ratings (found in your Idealo account).
If you selected a notification with an image, you can add a logo or product that will appear with the text.

Fill in the text information to be displayed in the content settings.
Complete the content only for the required number of notifications, but at least for one - instead of the sample content created by the configurator.
If the notification links to another page, complete the link.
If the content of the notification is a source from an XML feed, just switch to reading content from XML.
Click the "Reload XML" button to load and add the current content from the XML.

Notification display

In the scenario, choose how and where you want the notifications to appear - for example, exit from the bottom of the screen.

Closing a notification

The notification is hidden if the user has not performed any action in the set interval, ie has not clicked on the content or closed it by clicking on the cross.
If the user closes the notification with a cross, no further notifications will be displayed to that user.
Once all notifications have been displayed, no more notifications from this campaign will appear during this visit.

In a scenario, you can run several notification campaigns at the same time, but closing one does not mean closing the other.

Notifications without automatic content

Notifications can also contain additional information or completely custom content that you create in Designer.

In this case, however, it is necessary to disconnect the automatic content filling and add blank text in the content configuration in order to display the notification.

Go from Designer.

Tag content you don't want to automate and remove the label.

Alternatively, go from the source code and remove the data-mlctr-el attributes



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