2. May 2020

Countdown to the end of the campaign

You can add a countdown timer to any campaign


Deploying a countdown timer

Countdown properties:
The countdown is displayed automatically when the popup is displayed.
When the time limit is reached, the end of the action information is displayed at the specified location.
You can completely control the appearance using CSS.
You can display days, hours, minutes and seconds.

Insert the following tags into the HTML code:
<div class="mlctr-ext-countdown" data-end="20301231240000" data-end-message="Oops, campaign has been finished!">
     <span class="day"></span> days,
     <span class="hour"></span> hours,
     <span class="min"></span> minutes
     <span class="sec"></span> seconds left

Set the parameters for the countdown:
insert the end of the action in the format in the data-end attribute YYYYMMDDhhmmss and
In the data-end-message attribute, enter the text that will be displayed instead of the countdown when the action ends.



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